Mulland Fraser

We aspire to provide the investment services that we would want as clients.

Our approach is based on three principles: providing our clients with a best-in-class experience, being the most respected company in our industry, and pursuing long-term, sustainable growth.

About Mulland Fraser

We Have 30 Years Of Experience

Mulland Fraser has been managing our clients’ wealth and serving them as trusted, personal, and holistic advisors for over 30 years.

Your Financial Goals

Solid Foundations


Services We Provide


We employ a disciplined research methodology to construct low-turnover portfolios with the potential to generate above average returns.

Wealth Management

We provide wealth management services to individuals, families, businesses, and other types of institutions.

Retirement Planning

Whether you’re just starting your career or nearing retirement, your Mulland Fraser advisor will help you feel prepared at each stage.

Providing For Family

No two families are alike, just as no two investors are the same. However, many families share the need to prepare for unforeseen situations.

Expatriate Investing

We specialize in expat investing advice. We have extensive experience helping expatriate clients in securing a more prosperous life.

Corporate Solutions

Whether you run a multinational organization or a local business, you have people to manage and a business to operate.

How We Work

Plan For the Life You Want

We focus on gaining a thorough understanding of your requirements for wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, and wealth transfer to future generations.

  • Book an Appointment

    It all starts with a conversation. Make an appointment today to speak to a Mulland Fraser Advisor.

  • Your Personal Investment Plan

    Together, you and your personal advisor will develop a comprehensive financial plan to guide you forward.

  • Regular Communication

    As your life changes over time, we adapt your investment strategy to ensure all your needs are met.

  • Going Forward

    Working with your Mulland Fraser investment advisor means you have a trusted partner for life.

Our Clients

We consider ourselves privileged to service individuals, families, business owners, companies, charities and foundations in more than fifty countries around the world. We think our 98% client retention rate over the last decade effectively illustrates the successful relationships we try to establish with our clients.

What matters to you?

At Mulland Fraser, we are committed to you, and to ensuring you get the best strategy, plan, and attention based on your own unique needs