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Our Clients

We consider ourselves privileged to service individuals, families, business owners, companies, charities and foundations in more than fifty countries around the world. We think our 98% client retention rate over the last decade effectively illustrates the successful relationships we try to establish with our clients.

Individuals & Families

Our clients include executives, professionals, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, community leaders, athletes and retirees, among others. Often, our work is focused on a relationship with an entire family in order to serve and connect multiple generations. In other cases, we work directly with one person or organization.

Whatever your stage in life, whether you’re focused on your career, building a business, expanding your family or buying a new home, the team at Mulland Fraser will work with you by providing ongoing advice, support and guidance.

Business Owners

As you navigate the various financial issues relevant to your industry, the team at Mulland Fraser will guide you through all the complexities and provide solutions to manage your time and money effectively. As your firm continues to grow and expand, we’ll be here to provide vital insight.

Young Investors

If you are just starting your investment journey, we are here to answer all your questions and help you to establish and achieve your goals. You have questions, we have answers. Together, we will create a portfolio that will start you on the road of growing and preserving your wealth. Starting early provides the best chance of establishing long-term financial security.

Charities, Endowments & Foundations

For over two decades, Mulland Fraser has worked with charities, endowments, and foundations to help them reach ambitious financial and organizational objectives. Nonprofit investment officers and committees can be confronted with big challenges, including complex capital markets, regulatory scrutiny, donor expectations, and lower fixed income returns. We assist numerous charitable organizations, both large and small, in overcoming these challenges.

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At Mulland Fraser, we are committed to you, and to ensuring you get the best strategy, plan, and attention based on your own unique needs