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We aspire to provide the investment services that we would want as clients. We’re proud of what we’ve built.

Our approach is based on three principles: providing our clients with a best-in-class experience, being the most respected company in our industry, and pursuing long-term, sustainable growth. We support our clients in achieving their financial goals by providing holistic solutions that reflect what matters most to them in their business and personal lives, both now and in the future. Solid foundations, ethical wealth management, personal relationships, and an international network are the cornerstones of Mulland Fraser.

Mulland Fraser has been managing our clients’ wealth and serving them as trusted, personal, and holistic advisors for over 30 years. With our roots as a family business, we understand the importance of long-term relationships, as well as the challenges and opportunities that come with building wealth, protecting it, and passing it on. We assist our clients in understanding and shaping the future in which we will live, as well as enabling their families and future generations to thrive. We work hard to stay agile and relevant as a preferred investment management firm. In addition, as an institution, we consider ourselves accountable to our employees, partners, clients and society. Our purpose inspires everything we do: creating value beyond wealth.

Mulland Fraser’s activities focus on gaining a thorough understanding of your requirements for wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, and wealth transfer to future generations. We use a comprehensive approach to systematically create the optimum financial solutions encompassing wealth planning, investing, and portfolio management based on your unique situation. As a result, you will receive service that is tailored to your specific needs, taking into account your financial, personal, and business objectives. To accomplish this, we rely on a plethora of resources provided by our dedicated professionals.

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At Mulland Fraser, we are committed to you, and to ensuring you get the best strategy, plan, and attention based on your own unique needs