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Our Culture and Values

Our shared passion and beliefs lead to client success. Every organization has a culture, which includes the values, beliefs, expertise, mindsets, and standards that constitute its DNA. However, truly inspiring companies have cultures that drive them to excellence and innovation. Mulland Fraser aspires to be one of the greats. Over the years, we have always cultivated a client-centric culture.

Always put clients first

This principle permeates all our actions. We are privileged to be able to amplify the work, effort, and influence of people, families, and institutions that make a positive impact on our world.

Our greatest asset is our people

We invest in people who reflect our values, mission, and purpose. These teammates preserve our culture by dedicating their attention, passion, and expertise toward the success of our clientele.

The importance of investment returns

As investors, we recognize that generating exceptional investment returns is essential to our success.

Staying open-minded

Providing optimum guidance to our clients requires surrounding ourselves with a network of bright, experienced, and diverse individuals. This includes everyone from our senior research analysts to our receptionists. You never know where the next great idea comes from.

Be innovative and disruptive

As an independent, privately owned company, we enjoy the freedom to explore fresh perspectives and new ideas. Having an entrepreneurial spirit enables our people to develop innovative advisory, performance and client service capabilities.

Direct and open communication

Due to our flat organizational structure, it is vital that we all communicate effectively. Communication means honesty, transparency, and a willingness to constructively question one another.

Working as a team

The best decisions are usually made using group input and challenging each other’s ideas.

Growth and reinvestment

We aim for steady growth over time so that we better serve our clients. This includes investment in our people’s education, client service and technological resources.

Celebrating inclusion and diversity

Beyond simply being the right thing to do, we recognize that a diverse team operating in an inclusive environment will produce better results for clients.

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