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Corporate Solutions

Many of Our Clients Are Executives, Professionals, and Business Owners.

Whether you run a multinational organization or a local business, you have people to manage and a business to operate. One of the most challenging aspects of business ownership is the shift from a small operation to a larger organization where you can no longer run everything alone. Entrepreneurs prize their autonomy, yet as their businesses expand, they find themselves in need of counsel. Mulland Fraser understands that helping clients expand their companies contributes to their financial security.

There are many solutions available for business owners and professionals to safeguard themselves and their assets. Whether it is succession planning, asset protection, or tax sheltering, your Mulland Fraser advisor can explain your alternatives and refer you to the relevant tax or legal professionals. Retirement and pension plans are another area in which we assist clients. We manage these ourselves and provide guidance on third-party managed money products. Whether you’re an independent optometrist or own a multinational firm, Mulland Fraser will ensure that your staff are content and your business thrives.

Employee Benefits

To build a successful company, one must hire the best talent. To recruit the top candidates, you must invest in your personnel. Mulland Fraser supports small and medium-sized businesses with providing premium employee benefits. Medical plans, pension programs, and life insurance are examples of competitive perks. Your Mulland Fraser advisor can recommend the optimal solutions for your workforce.

Transitioning From a Small to A Larger Business

Entrepreneurs are a distinct breed. The move from a small to a medium-sized business is one of the most vulnerable times in a company’s development. At this stage, the entrepreneur must entrust day-to-day operations to managers. It can be difficult to hire the best people, delegate responsibilities, and maintain effective oversight. Mulland Fraser can help you.

Advice You Can Count On

Managing corporate finances is often more specialized than complex. Sometimes, simple solutions can have a major impact. At Mulland Fraser, we provide holistic solutions that improve the wellbeing of your business. We collaborate with tax experts, attorneys, insurance agents, and other financial experts to ensure that your balance sheets are sound, and your employees are loyal and productive.

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