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Expatriate Investing

Investing as an Expat

Expats can find themselves in unique circumstances. They may face multiple relocations. Living a transient life has both costs and benefits. It sometimes prevents developing sound financial plans. When living abroad, it can be difficult to sort out the best financial solutions. Seeking professional guidance ensures you make the most of your money.

At Mulland Fraser, we specialize in providing expats with investment advice. We have extensive experience helping expatriate clients in securing a more prosperous life. Our professional investment advisors appreciate the specific challenges encountered by overseas investors. This places us in an optimal position to help you in making the best financial decisions. Our dedication to excellence has earned us a reputation for being one of the most trusted companies in our field.

Setting Goals Is a Great Place to Start.

It is essential to have a solid grasp of your financial objectives. This includes short-term, long-term, and even intermediate goals. This helps us make intelligent choices about how and where to invest your money.

Suppose you are currently living and working in Dubai, where there is no income tax, and you are British. You may wish to use the additional discretionary income to make local investments. However, one day you might want to return to the United Kingdom, either to work or retire. Even if this is far in the future, it is worthwhile to think about it today to ensure you are investing appropriately. By investing in real estate in your home country rather than where you work, for instance, you would not only generate a stable income but also have a place to live in should you want to return.

Working With a Mulland Fraser Advisor

Expat wealth management can be complicated, but with professional guidance and realistic goals, you can generate superior returns over time. Both new and experienced investors will benefit from working with an investment advisor familiar with the financial needs specific to expat life.

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